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The Lorax movie is a very cute movie about a boy trying to impress the girl of his dreams by finding these real”trees” that she desires. He goes on an adventure to find these special trees. He finds them, but soon finds greed in his heart. He realizes he can cut down these trees and make money off of them. The Lorax is an animated creature that tries to protect his land from this greedy boy! I won’t spoil it for you… you have to see it!

It is a really cute movie. Vivid colors and animation!

My twins loved it. My husband and I did, too!

Now enter above in the Rafflecopter, by clicking the link, for a chance to win a copy yourself!



19 thoughts on “a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. I haven’t seen it but I’m excited to watch it with my son once he’s here and old enough to be interested in movies! lol πŸ™‚ Hmm I don’t have a favorite movie but I love The Notebook!

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  3. Now that my girls are older 17 and 18 I dont get the chance to see movies made for kids and adults anymore. I loved going to the movies with them I’m sure they would watch this with me. My favorite movie is lion king

  4. We have seen it & my children love it. I love it because it helps teach a vital lesson about the environment.

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